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To build a network of independent bunker suppliers powered by its members to enhance their capabilities and extend outreach to new markets and opportunities

Maritime Decarbonisation Conference
The MFA's Executive Officer, Anthony Mollet, has been invited to speak at the Asia Decarbonisation Conference in Singapore across the 19th and 20th April. Organised by Riviera Maritime Media, the MFA has been asked specifically to participate in roundtable discussions, with Mollet chairing a small group focussing on alternative fuels and the challenges faced by owners and operators sourcing fuels and adapting their procurement and operational processes accordingly. A full list of speakers and panellists is available on RMM's website. Content from the Conference will be made available after the event.
A discount code is available for MFA members wishing to attend. You can contact the MFA or Riviera Maritime Media directly should you have interest in this event.
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Operations & Processes


Marine Fuels Alliance advocates the highest standards for operational performance and will commit to provide clear and concise guidance across the supply chain

Credit, Finance & Risk


Marine Fuels Alliance is focussed on facilitating financial tools and structures, improving decision making and compliance thereby enhancing members’ counterparty profile. Our partners are available to offer invaluable advice

Claims & Technical


Marine Fuels Alliance is determined to create efficient dispute resolution practices. Partners will provide expertise to assist the claims process, with the aim of standardising good practices and aligning behaviours



Marine Fuels Alliance will introduce members to providers of technological products to drive efficiency and create opportunities for better and more modern working practices



Marine Fuels Alliance is committed to the transition towards renewable fuels. We will welcome the new and innovative companies who are seeking to engage with and educate our stakeholders

Commercial & Promotions


Marine Fuels Alliance provides a new platform for promoting members and partners businesses and connecting them in a better way to the global market place

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Bunkerspot Survey 2023

Anthony Mollet was invited to contribute to this year’s Bunkerspot survey. Read his responses alongside those of the other industry experts who have provided some thought-provoking commentary across critical aspects of the bunker industry today.

Rebranding underscores Malik’s focus on sustainable fuels pathway

Danish marine fuel trader and supplier Malik Supply A/S has started 2023 with a new brand identity and its physical supply subsidiary, Nordic Marine Oil A/S, has a new name – Malik Energy A/S – to reflect the company’s ambition to be at the forefront of the shift to using

Interview with Marine Recoveries MD Anthony Desbrousses

Anthony Mollet interviews Marine Recoveries MD Anthony Desbrousses to discuss the importance for bunker companies to recover ageing and bad debt. As a leading debt recovery expert, Anthony Desbrousses can assist businesses to recover balances that have proven too difficult, time-consuming or costly to chase. This article highlights some of


i.e week

A London taxi driver asked me what the big event was this week. I simply answered “IE week”, assuming with his knowledge this would be a known acronym. Just to add to the confusion, I added “ it is a few days of meetings and parties, id est, Sunday to

The MFA perspective at the MEBC

A word of thanks to the Petrospot team for an excellent event in Dubai for the Middle East Bunker Convention across February 7th – 10th. It was very well attended and the speaking panels provided the usual expert opinion and guidance across critical topics affecting the global industry whilst also

Preparing to Present

We all remember the days at school when we were asked to stand up and give a presentation to the class. Or, when working in a group and you had to choose who would be the one to present the project on behalf the rest. Some people outright refuse. Some



Marine Fuels Alliance supports your business through cooperation and knowledge sharing and by providing unique access to key resources for the benefit of its members. 


Marine Fuels Alliance connects your business with stakeholders with shared aims in an international network underpinned by the values and strength of its membership.


Marine Fuels Alliance promotes your business by enhancing the profile of local independent suppliers and leveraging their expertise, providing them a new platform in global markets.



To Alliance values and objectives

To ethical business practices


To cultural diversity

To members and stakeholders

To the global bunker industry


Of behaviour and standards

Of processes and policies


To respect the local and global environments in which we operate


Striving for constant improvement

Driving new technologies



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