Marine Fuels Alliance launches new membership website


The Marine Fuels Alliance announces its full launch today with a renewed and functional website MFA is ready to welcome member subscriptions to allow them to be supported with access to valuable resources and offers and to connect them with stakeholders across the industry.

Executive Officer Anthony Mollet states

 “this a hugely exciting moment for those who have been involved with the formation of the MFA from its original concept. With Bunker Suppliers, Partner Companies, Ship Owners and Bunker Buyers already showing valuable support and endorsement, we look forward to companies signing up so the Executive Committees can start to put real power and collaboration behind the work already done in the key strategic areas. Members can promote their services, products and views through a new transparent and collaborative platform.

The MFA sets out to deliver solutions through quality resources and services and aims to drive standardisation, digitalisation and develop best-practice protocols across the supply-chain whilst increasing transparency and promoting shared values”.

Join today to achieve the valuable support, connect your company and promote your business to the global marketplace.

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