“100%, 100%!”


You do not have to travel far or be around the general public for long these days before you hear someone in a conversation respond with “100%, 100%…!”  I do miss commuting and now, with music playing in your ears, you do not get to hear the brilliance and rubbish that people speak. On my way to the London International Shipping Week launch party #LISW23, I could not help but become compelled to listen to a guy who was clearly post-work-meeting, discussing with a colleague about the topics and outcomes. Every single item from the meeting his friend mentioned or point that had been raised was met instantly with “100%, 100%”.  This made me wonder, was he giving her assurance and comfort? Was he playing the tactical and support card? Or, did he have zero interest in the meeting or her review and was simply trying to sound like he cared until his train stop? I am sorry now that I did not give him an MFA business card and ask what exactly he did. I am 100% certain he would have agreed to join had I asked!

But this moment made me reflect. Since the lockdowns and increasing levels of working from home, do we miss meetings? Do we miss the meeting before the meeting to discuss what will be said in the meeting. Or, the meeting after the meeting to discuss the people and issues you did not like in the meeting? Is it better online now in TEAMS or ZOOM? For one, we can wear shorts, odd socks see the family pet and nip to the door to sign the next incoming box delivery someone has ordered. Yet we have proven we can sit and present professionally on key business topics. The MFA started online, during the pandemic. It is possible! The critical factor has to be “why” are we meeting and “what are the outcomes?”  

The MFA hosts meetings online and shortly in 2023, will begin a series of round-table discussions and video Podcasts as we address our Focus Areas and connect people together. We will be present at seminars and conferences to speak and to interact in social gatherings. The MFA continues to press the point that across the bunker supply chain, we do not perform, generally, at 100%. We may think we do. But when addressing procedures around sanctions, compliance, credit management or understanding alternative fuels and new emissions regulations, are we all operating at 100%? I suggest not. MFA is here to provide solutions to problems for bunker suppliers and industry stakeholders.

So please look out for new events, meetings and seminars that the MFA will be engaged in. Our calendar on the website shows where we will be and those MFA members who will be present.

Let us help to support in the areas where the are gaps; the missing percentages in performance that put the all the rest that we do at risk. “100%” is a target, but it is not as obvious or matter-of-fact as some people on their way home on a train may think…

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