Preparing to Present


We all remember the days at school when we were asked to stand up and give a presentation to the class. Or, when working in a group and you had to choose who would be the one to present the project on behalf the rest. Some people outright refuse. Some say they will if no-one else will, and rarely you get the individual who proudly says “I will do it”. Confidence is a huge factor in life. You have to have confidence in your ability but also confidence and belief in what you present. Will it stand up to critique? Do you understand the content? Can you deliver it with energy and clarity?

It is like this in business, when you have to deliver a presentation. Understanding the topic, knowing the audience and having a clear objective for the outcome you want to gain from it. The challenge is, how to get your point across in 15 mins, on a handful of slides and guide the direction of travel for the talk. It is a minefield out there! The dreaded hotel room, seats laid out like the school play. Wondering who will be in the front row staring but also acutely aware of your mates trying to put you off from the back.

Well, that is exactly what I am working on now and preparing ahead of my talk at the Middle East Bunker Conference in Dubai on Wednesday 8th February. #MEBC23

But it is so much easier when you truly believe in your project and that when you prepare, you know what you will be saying is of relevance and will resonate with those who receive it. Confidence is an in-built tool and one you gain with conviction and belief. We have conviction and belief in the Marine Fuels Alliance project, that is fast approaching it’s first year of membership engagement. As suppliers, traders and industry partners listen and talk to us, then we know we have a clear path to achieve our aims.             

So, I look forward to those who will attend and be part of the Middle East Bunker Conference and see my MFA presentation on Sanctions, as I discuss how we “Play By The Rules”. We all know the Rules, right…?

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