About Marine Fuels Alliance

The marine fuels supply industry is changing with increasing pace and diversity, but are the physical suppliers adapting accordingly and sufficiently to meet the expectations of their key stakeholders?

The Marine Fuels Alliance (MFA) sets out to address the significant and complex range of issues that bunker suppliers face in the coming years. The MFA endeavours to develop a unique network between the global regions, to ensure its members are able to achieve their potential with access to resources in a new and more efficient way.

For so many of you, one Country or one port is the single focus of daily operations. Buying and storing cargoes, developing sales and arranging supplies is the ultimate goal. Whilst all around, the market you operate in is changing. Small, independent, often old family established supply companies manage to keep going but under increasing strain. The MFA is designed to help reignite the passion and promote the real opportunity for its members, wherever they are.

We have to adapt to the changes in global requirements for clean fuels. We all welcome such initiatives. ECAs and SECAs dominate in key regions. New fuels are emerging. Almost every media stream promotes discussions and forums about Green Fuels, such as Methanol, LNG and other Bio Fuels. The scientists and leading engine manufacturers have embraced this and are driving the technology. But does the Bunker supply market keep up? The MFA’s experienced industry professionals will be made available to bring members closer to the resources and information and help educate supply companies about the new requirements and how they must adapt. We know the ship owing community requires this stakeholder engagement; the MFA will make it possible

Our customers are dictating the future. Major oil companies and ship owners demand efficiency, a professional approach, consistency, assurance and most of all, trust. They prefer to connect with companies willing to develop and perform with them. The consolidation of large trading houses and their increasing movement into the supply chain has led to greater demand from ship owners and operators to find suppliers willing to work with them.

The MFA recognises this and wishes its Executive Committee members to drive a new pathway forward, to promote our collective and individual capabilities. The MFA wants suppliers to be able to appeal to their customers and crucially, to their financiers, to give evidence of robust procedures, including financial risk management and credit control, with instant access to crucial resources.

The MFA is here to provide the structure and with that, the confidence to engage together and develop new business. In doing so, the intention is to connect, support and promote in new markets in a new way.